Monday, 2 September 2013

Asados, Cuecas and Sushi

Asados, Cuecas and Sushi

Partying in Chile

One thing I have definitely learnt is that Chileans LOVE to have parties, which is generally just an excuse to consume lots of food and alcohol. I feel like somewhat of a grandma in my post Uni days and can not handle such late nights with most parties finishing between 3-6am. ARGhhh!! We visited one of my teachers houses where we danced salsa and stuffed our faces, he had the cutest lil puppy that was only a month old Awwww! We also enjoyed an event in a local function room showcasing a range of Latin American dances and traditional music. Was sooo interesting but some of the dancing and costumes were incredibly vibrant with one group looking like the Latin American equivalent of the Teletubbies after a few too many piscos.

Public Speaking

After the second round of public speaking we are once again in poll position, with my student putting in an exceptional performance. Next round will be in La Serena where the students will compete to be regional champions. I have written a new speech about the importance of education in the world, and with a cheeky quote from Nelson Mandela in the closing paragraph I am convinced they can be succesful. Fingers crossed for 23rd September!


Teaching in Chile is definitely a challenge and considering most of my classes are teenagers I am finding the mood swings interesting. Most of the kids are a delight to teach but some students interest in the English language does not extend beyond asking "Miss, what does F*** You mean". Last week I played a new game with the class making the students be in a game show with their very own Buzzer sounds. Some of the kids were barking, others making machine gun noises and several acting as the emergency services. I dread to think what the room next door think when English class is on as the noise levels are pretty crazy!

Staura Airways

Agreed to help out this week at Stephanies Extra Curricular Advanced English Class in another school in Ovalle. For this we dressed up as air hostesses (kind of- looked more like a student) and checked the students into the best airline STAURA Airways (get it Stephanie and Laura haha) where he had HIGH expectations (so many puns :P). It was a lot of fun and Stephanie had made really authentic looking boarding passes. After check in we made the kids go through security, and when asking in English for one students boarding pass, I was presented with a rose. I tried to maintain composure but my tendancy to laugh in awkward situations was overwhelming. The students were less than pleased to learn about the existence of my pollolo Chris haha! All in all though it was a lot of fun and the kids were really motivated to learn English.  

Asado time 

I have found that Chilean hospitality knows no bounds and this weekend we were invited to Emilys principals house for an Asado, or BBQ to me and you. The house was palacial with a swimming pool overlooking the hills and a grand outdoor area. The whole family were present and we ate meat and salad and drank wine and made conversation in our best Spanglish whilst Hugo (the host) showed us his collection of swords he acquired from a trip to Spain. Not sure how he got them on the plane home or why he needs them but it was a fab day nonetheless.

  • Finally satisfying my craving for Sushi with a boat full of fine fish from La Serena. 
  • Discovering my school has a gym (of sorts) so I can stop complaining about the amount of bread and get on that cross trainer. 
  • Getting wifi in my house so I can keep in contact with you all at home MUCH easier

Interesting Things 
  • My earlier indiscretion announcing I was tasty at the dinner table has seemed to act as a shout out to every insect in Chile, as I am currently covered in insect bites. Perhaps I am tasty afterall! 
  • I am considered exotic looking in Chile which is laughable considering I am perhaps the palest person I know. 
  • People here think I am a freak here because I do not smother my salad in oil, salt or mayo. I am living in a country where eating cake for breakfast is not frowned upon, it is actively encouraged. I can think of a few people who would have NO trouble adapting to this lifestyle (cough cough Andy Clarke). 
Chao Chao (13 weeks to go)

Laura xx

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