Sunday, 4 August 2013

So the adventure begins (minus pictures)

Leaving the UK

Well if the weather was anything to go by I was not supposed to fly today. Spent the time in torrential rain on route to Heathrow and upon arrival was told there was no seats on my flight left and I would go onto the next one. At the last minute a seat became available meaning I had to sprint through security and rapidly say goodbye :( The flight was long but pleasant and I arrived at JFK and followed the Air Train into the city. This was by no means as simple as the guide book makes out. Eventually arrived at the hostel and met a new Australian friend Andrea and we ventured to Times Square where hot dogs and Ben and Jerries were on the agenda..

New York, New York

The first full day in New York was spent exploring Central Park, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoying the most delicious Sushi in China Town and on to Little Italy for Sangria and Lasagna. Yum! Andrea headed off to Washington and I bought my hop on hop off bus tour and saw all the sites of downtown NYC. After the tour I had the misfortune of taking the wrong subway train and ending up in the Bronx- an experience not to be repeated, and one I am only now able to laugh about.

Searching for Barry in DC

After a very early straight and a Dunkin Donut I caught my Amtrak train to Washington and met Andrea at her hotel. We immediately headed to the Lincoln Memorial and made our way up to the White House. I was far too eager to get to Obamas crib but unfortunately some Vietnamese people were protesting about something right outside and we could barely see his house. (Sad times)... I did purchase a very lovely Obama fridge magnet however which will have to do for now... We explored the Smithsonian American history museum which had a lovely transport through time exhibition I know Chris would have enjoyed. We ventured up to Capitol Hill and the holocaust museum before a romantic little pedalo trip in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Stumbled upon Martin Luther Kings memorial which makes up for the lack of Obama and headed back to Andreas hotel for the most incredible steak! nom nom! Caught the late train back to NYC. Zzzzzz!

Goodbye USA!

The last day in the States was spent taking a bike round Central Park. Unfortunately I got too carried away and realised I had ten minutes to get from West 96th Street back to West 57th Street on a one way bike system. I put in an impressive time that would rival Mark Cavendish and sped round the park only a few minutes late, escaping a fine. I wandered aimlessly round 5th Avenue, Times Square and had some 99c pizza for lunch before returning to the hostel and transferring the airport. Most of the 11 hour journey was spent eating, sleeping and watching Life of Pi. (missed the ending so if anyone knows what happens that would be greatly appreciated).

Brrr Chilly in Chile

Stepped off the plane to the coldest weather ever- shame I have packed for a heatwave. Shopping trip in order. Arrived at the hostel and ventured the city. Sunday was spent looking through markets, and visiting a nice Park in Santiago. Training began on Monday and for five days we had quite an intensive training schedule of TEFL teacher training and lesson about adjusting to Chilean culture. Throughout the week we sampled many Chilean delicacies including my new favourite tipple, a pisco sour! Friday night we enjoyed a cocktail leaving party at the hostel complete with an array of vegetables (potentially the last we are going to see for some time). It was sad to see people leave but a nice send off. Saturday was spent in the coastal hillside city of Valparaiso where I enjoyed a prawn empanada and an obscene amount of ice cream!

  • Speeding round Central Park on bike
  • China Town Sushi
  • The English Opens Doors Crew in Santiago 
  • Pisco Sours
  • The amount of Sushi bars in Chile (happy Laura)
  • How addicted Chileans are to completos (hot dogs) 
  • How cold it is
  • How much bread Chileans consume (apparently second in the world after France). 
Until next time, Hasta Luego (my Spanish is dismal)



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